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I’ve had the great pleasure of assisting Toddy at one of Evolation Yoga’s Teacher Trainings. He is one of the most humble and passionate teachers I have ever worked or practiced with. He is a true Team player and genuinely cares about people.

His vast knowledge of the Practice and Philosophy of Yoga together with his Kinesiology and how the body works makes his classes a very safe place to be, whether it’s your very first time or a more advanced student. Toddy comes from a background of injuries and his personal practice has made him the great teacher he is today. He is very attentive and have an amazing ability to cater for all the individual needs while his teaching a class.

I am very happy to be able to say not only is Toddy my Master, he is also a very dear friend!!



I started this training with Todd to learn how to teach a flow class and almost immediately, I knew it was going to be so much more. The way Todd presents information and then applies it was an eye opening experience. He made me rethink so much on and off the mat. I don’t know if I can put to words exactly how the adjustments has effected me.


I feel light and for the first time in years, I can turn my head to the right. I feel calm and peaceful. I’m learning so much about myself and yoga and there is so much for me to process and absorb. I could never thank you enough for everything you taught me in just 12 days.

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I was so fortunate to have Toddy lead me through my training. Toddy has an incredible knowledge in anatomy, posture mechanics, philosophy, mental coaching and he teaches with passion. He plants many seeds that sooner or later comes together and he encouraged you to explore your limits without forcing yourself. I heard someone gave Toddy the nickname "grandpa" and I can see why. He is extremely wise and caring and has the ability to lift the people in their environment. 

The word "Toddified" came up when we were talking about alternative certifications in the hot 26+2 world. Being Toddified doesn’t mean becoming Toddy, (unfortunately, there will always be the one and only Toddy) It’s about finding your inner rockstar and learning how to serve others through yoga. 


Toddy will give you the foundation and tools you need to initiate that journey. Getting my hot 26+2 certification through Evolution and Toddy has taking my view on the yoga to a whole new level and it reaches far beyond the mat. I taught my first public class only 2 days after getting my certification and I felt confident that Evolation have given me a strong foundation to work with.


Thank you Toddy!



Todd, In just a short two weeks you came into our lives, shared all you could and helped us shape new perspectives. Thank you for joining and leading me on my journey into the next steps of my life. Even if only for a short while. Remember: Let go of the idea of art, and let art find you.

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Meant to be that Toddy Willis was my teacher for my certification - guided me to the other side #officially - for calming my heart and balancing my yin and yang - a superpower sent from above - humble, selfless, and full of life.

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